Section 1: Introduction

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1. Peace Dale Mfg. Co., Peace Dale, R.I.,(#1105), surveyed July 1884
Boston Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 1884

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These two plans, which pertain to the Peace Dale Manufacturing Company in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, provide examples of the content and organization of site-specific fire insurance plans. The 1884 plan (above), published by the Boston Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company, is one of the oldest dated plans in the American Textile History Museum collection. It is centered on the site map and floor plan, showing the company’s location on the Saugatucket River. In addition, a perspective drawing and 17 cross sections are scattered along the left and bottom margins. The 1892 version (below), issued by the successor Associated Mutual Insurance Companies, displays a more balanced composition with equal space devoted to the planimetric and isometric views, with 14 cross sections placed near the margins.

The Peace Dale Manufacturing Company, which traces its origins to the first decades of the 19th century, was one of the first woolen manufacturers to combine all processing activities under one roof, integrating carding, spinning, weaving, and dyeing activities. The mill continued operations until 1948 and is now part of the Peace Dale Historic District as listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Currently, several buildings are occupied by local businesses, including a brewery and a rock-climbing facility.

2. Peace Dale Mfg. Co. (woolen mill), Peace Dale, R.I., Town of South Kingstown, (#3229), surveyed October 1892
Associated Mutual Insurance Companies , 1892

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