Educational Map Set: Expansion of the United States


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Use these activities and maps to examine the events of the United States’ westward expansion, including encroachment onto Indigenous homelands, major land purchases, mass migrations such as the Oregon Trail and California Gold Rush.

In creating this Learn at Home theme, we have tried to make it as customizable as possible so it can be used with a variety of ages and skill sets. The “Independent Use” worksheets can be done apart from the Map Set, and have been created as PDF Forms so they do not need to be printed for your students to complete. The “Map Set” worksheets are also created as PDF Forms and use the maps listed below (or downloadable as a PDF).

Activity Links

Crossword Puzzle (can be used independently)

Shape of the United States worksheet (can be used independently)

Challenge Questions Sheet (to be used with map set below) –> Answers

Scavenger Hunt (to be used with map set below) –> Answers

United States Geography and Landmarks Activity –> Answers (use letter clues on PDF Map List)

Movement of Indigenous Peoples Map Exploration –> Answers

Westward Expansion Discussion Questions (to be used with map set below)

Map Observation and Discussion Activity (to be used with maps below)

Map Research Activity (to be used with map set below)

Primary Source Analysis Tool (to be used with map set below)

United States Map Set

Also downloadable as a PDF

map image

1783, Thomas Kitchin, “Map of the United States in North America with the British, French, and Spanish Dominions” – – Letter Clue: N

map image

1808, Anonymous, “The United States of America according to the Treaty of Peace of 1784” – – Letter Clue: S

map image

1816, John Melish, “Map of the United States with the contiguous British & Spanish Possessions” – – Letter Clue: O

map image

1835, John T Hammond, “United States” – – Letter Clue: W

map image

1836, Henry Schenck Tanner, “North America” – – Letter Clue: H

map image

1839, Samuel Augustus Mitchell, “Map of the United States and Texas” – – Letter Clue: L

map image

1840, John Tallis and Company, “United States” – – Letter Clue: J

map image

c.1848 [drawn], 1850, Samuel Griswold Goodrich, “[Untitled map of United States]” – – Letter Clue: P

map image

1849, Samuel Augustus Mitchell, “Map of the United States” – – Letter Clue: Y

map image

1850, James Hamilton Young, “A New Map of the United States of America” – – Letter Clue: R

map image

1860, S. Augustus Mitchell Jr., “Map of the United States and Territories” – – Letter Clue: I

map image

1861, P.S. Duval & Son, “Military Map of the United States & Territories Showing the Location of the Military Posts” – – Letter Clue: C

map image

1866, Theodore Frank, “Map of the United States and Territories” – – Letter Clue: U

map image

1888, United States Office of Indian Affairs, “Map Showing the Location of the Indian Reservations” – – Letter Clue: D

map image

1916, United States Department of the Interior, “Map showing Indian Reservations in the United States” – – Letter Clue: F

1896, H.S. Tarbell, United States from The Werner Introductory Geography – – Letter Clue: T

1901, Rand McNally, United States from Atlas of the World – – Letter Clue: A

1917, Albert Bushnell Hart, The United States March 4,1909 – – Letter Clue: E

1925, George F. Cram Co., “Cram’s detailed Radio Map of the United States and Canada” – – Letter Clue: M