Collections List

Eleanor Houston and Lawrence M. C. Smith Collection

OML’s first founding collection, the Smith Collection features a broad and rich collection of maps, globes, and atlases from the early sixteenth century to the twentieth century.

Harold L. and Peggy L. Osher Collection

OML’s second founding collection comprises a broad and rich collection of maps, navigational charts, globes, atlases starting in the fifteenth century. Included is a collection of late 19th to early 20th century transportation and geographical board games.

Osher Map Library Collections

A varied collection of miscellaneous materials formed since 1994 either from small gifts or by direct acquisition by OML.

Fleet Bank Collection

A small collection of early maps of the state of Maine.

Peter H. Enggass Collection

About 150 maps, almost all of early modern and modern Spain and Spanish territories.

Roger Baskes Collection

Annual reports of the U.S. Coast [and Geodetic] Survey, 1844-1919.

Douglas Yorke Collection

An extensive collection of twentieth-century U.S. road maps and books, emphasizing the genre’s cover art.

Matthew Edney Collection

A varied assembly of modern maps and facsimiles collected as examples for the teaching of cartography and the history of cartography.

Robert and Shirley French Collection

A substantial collection of twentieth-century U.S. road maps and books.

Norman H. Morse Collection

A comprehensive collection of ocean-liner memorabilia, mostly transatlantic, from the 1870s to the 1970s.

Charles and Dalinda Carpenter Collection

A wide-ranging collection of U.S. land-ownership maps, atlases, and gazetteers from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Earle G. Shettleworth Collection

A collection of Portland, Maine, related items.

Richard Auletta Collection

A comprehensive collection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century guidebooks (esp. Baedeker), maps, and other works related to travel and tourism.

Erno Bonebakker Collection

A selection of modern topographical maps and charts.

Robert and Frank Neikirk Collection

A collection of over forty color lithograph posters advertising war bonds from the First World War.

To browse the collection, all of which has been imaged, use Osgood.

Friends of the Osher Map Library Collection

Varous maps and atlases acquired through the good graces of the Friends of the Osher Map Library, and donated to OML.