Maps of the Past

12. Old School Portland

“Old School Portland”
Arianna Z. of Buxton, Maine
Buxton Center Elementary School

Top Ten!

13. Pangea and its Prehistoric Wildlife

“Pangea and its Prehistoric Wildlife”
Kodi Q. of Anson, Maine

14. Native American Tribal Regions

“Native American Tribal Regions”
Lucy R. of Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Cape Elizabeth Middle School

15. Historical Map of the United States

“Historical Map of the United States”
Margaret G. of St. George, Maine
St. George School

16. Discoveries of America: Erikkson & Columbus

“Discoveries of America: Erikkson & Columbus”
Quinn T. of Topsham, Maine

17. Once Upon a Time

“Once Upon a Time”
Tenley of Portland, Maine
Reiche Elementary School