Story Places

These maps show places from myths and works of fiction.

1. Neverland

Lizzy G. of Gardiner, Maine
Riverview Community School

2. Rockwell

Adam L. of North Yarmouth, Maine
Greely Middle School

Top Ten!

3. Portland in Delirium

“Portland in Delirium”
Emelie R. of Augusta, Maine
Lincoln Elementary School

4. Mystical Shores

“Mystical Shores”
Violet D. of Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Cape Elizabeth Middle School

5. The Star Wars Galaxy

“The Star Wars Galaxy”
Lucas S. of Windham, Maine
Manchester Elementary School

6. A Fairy Tale Castle World

“A Fairy Tale Castle World”
Riley E. of Skowhegan, Maine
Margaret Chase Smith School

7. My Disney Themed Map

“My Disney Themed Map”
Vickie P. of Hodgdon, Maine
Mill Pond Elementary