Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

Inspired by our colleagues at Colby College Museum of Art, please enjoy some virtual jigsaw puzzles of maps from our collections! See the inspiration here. Every Friday we will add a new puzzle, so keep your eyes out to see what map we’ll make into a puzzle next!

Click on the image to launch the puzzle. The default difficulty setting for this puzzle is fairly easy. For a greater challenge, play on and adjust the number of pieces using the “Play As” button in the upper right-hand corner.

“Wool and mohair in the United States” by Joseph Sims (1936)

Colorful pictorial map of London

“A Pictorial Map of the City of London…” by Robert Winston Finch (1952)


“Typus Universalis” by Sebastian Munster (1542)

map image

“New and most accurate map of the whole world”by Joan Blaeu (1662)

“White Mountains of New Hampshire” from National Geographic (1937)

map image

“Birds Eye View Showing Portland” by Walker (1909)

“A Map of the City of Portland” by John Cullum (1836)

“State of Maine… Vacationland” (circa 1960)

“Sphaerarum Artificialium Typica…” by Homann (1716)

Picture of land and sea monsters

“Les Marins Monstres & Terrestres” by Sebastian Munster (1550)

“Map of Western, Central, and Eastern Maine” by Ruth Rhoads Lepper (1952)

Celestial map

“Creatio Universi,” by Fuesslinus (circa 1720)

“Palestine” by Lucas Brandis (1475)

Map of Edo

“Edo Meisho Ikken Sugoroku” (circa 1857-1859)

1598 map of the North Pole

“Deliniatio cartae trium navigationum,” by William Barentsz (1598)

Map of Maine

“A Map of Maine” by Moses Greenleaf (1820)

Map of Netherlands in the shape of a lion 

“Leo Belgicus” by Pieter van den Keere (c. 1617)